20 Thoughts I Had During A Yoga Class

One of my new years resolutions was to practice more yoga, not only because it provides many health benefits, but also because I feel like people who do yoga look like they have their life together, so I thought ‘fake it till you make it right!?’ Anyways, it’s now June and the only yoga class I’ve attended this year was back in February. Now don’t get me wrong, I do use a few yoga moves (the ones I know anyway) at home to help me stretch out my body after a workout, but my yoga skills are still extremely limited and pretty much terrible.

Yesterday I decided I was going to get up early and go to a morning yoga class at my gym. I want to make something very clear, there are two types of yoga classes at my gym, one is ‘Yoga’, and the other is ‘Basic Yoga’. Because I’m no yogi, I decided the Basic Yoga would be best and I thought it would help me stretch out my sore muscles from a tough workout the day before. I was so naive…

So, today’s blog is all about the LEGIT thoughts that went through my mind while I was trying to do this ‘Basic Yoga’ class. Enjoy.

  1. This breathing exercise is quite relaxing
  2. This isn’t has hard as I remember
  3. Oh, wait…
  4. OUCH!!!
  5. My body type was not made to bend that way!
  6. The instructor just corrected my form, that happened a lot quicker than I thought it would
  7. He didn’t correct anybody else…
  8. I am not finding this relaxing at all.
  9. I look like a potato.
  10. You want me to lean my forehead on a weird block and put my hands behind my back?
  11. WHAT THE F**K!?
  12. Is it normal to sweat this much?
  13. Nobody else seems to be sweating…
  14. Please stop telling me to relax, I do not feel relaxed!
  15. Can we have a drink break?
  16. I think my hip just popped. That can’t be good.
  17. This has to be over soon.
  18. Oh, thank god!
  19. Warming down breathing exercises are quite nice, I could actually fall asleep in this position.
  20. I actually feel pretty good now it’s over.


As you can tell from my thoughts, my morning was quite the emotional roller coaster, can I remind you that this was only the Basic Yoga class as well!? I can’t imagine how hard the other class is, I am so not ready for that! But in all honesty, as hard as I found it, I did feel good afterwards. It just takes a bit of practice.

I have realised however, that I can’t just do yoga here and there if I genuinely want to improve and make it apart of my fitness routine. My new goal is to attend this class weekly, and gradually improve so I can move up to the other class.

Any other yoga newbies out there, or anyone who can relate to my train of painful thoughts? Would love to hear from you guys.

The Healthy Mermaid x




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