13 minute Ab Blaster

Abs is probably my favourite muscle group to work out, call me crazy, but I just love the feeling of a good ab workout. So I decided I would create my own little mini ab circuit to share with you all. I’ve designed this workout to hit different sections of your core, giving you a complete ab workout in a short time. It may only be 13 minutes, but trust me your abs WILL be burning!

You can do this workout at home or at the gym. You won’t need any equipment, but I would recommend using a yoga mat if you have one just so you’re a little more comfortable.

13 minute Ab Blaster :

  • Toe Taps – 30 reps
  • Russian Twists – 30 reps (15 each side)
  • Mountain Climbers – 40 reps
  • V-ups – 20 reps
  • Ankle Taps – 30 reps (15 each side)
  • Leg Raises – 20 reps
  • Butterfly Kicks – 30 reps
  • Reverse Crunches – 20 reps

1 min break, and repeat!

I’ll give you a quick breakdown of each exercise and how to do them, just in case I have any beginners out there –

Toe Taps:

Lay on your back and raise your legs, lifting from your core try do a sit-up like movement and try to touch your toes.


Russian Twists:

Sit down on your mat, lift and bend your legs slightly off the ground. Place your hands together, balancing with your core move your body from left to right in slow fluid movements. You can place your feet on the ground if it’s too difficult to balance.

Russian Twists


Mountain Climbers:

Set yourself up in a plank position and raise one leg at a time up to your mid section. Alternate each leg in a fluid motion.

Mountain Climbers



Lay down flat on your back. Raise your legs and arms together until they meet in the centre of your body. Try and keep your legs and arms as straight as you can. If you want to make this exercise a little easier, you can keep your legs bent.


Ankle Taps:

Lay down on your back with your legs bent. Slightly raise your upper body and slowly slide from left to right tapping your ankles one at a time.


Leg Raises:

Lay down flat on your back and slowly raise your legs up and down. To make this exercises easier you can bend your legs, or place your hands just under your bum to make it easier to raise your legs.

Leg Raises


Butterfly Kicks:

Lay flat on your back and raise your legs slightly off the ground, keeping them a few inches apart. Keep your arms by your side, and make fast scissor-like movements with your legs, alternating them each time.

Butterfly Kicks


Reverse Crunches:

Lay on your back with your hands behind your head, as you would a regular sit-up. With your legs bent, bring them towards your mid section and back down, try not to let your feet touch the ground. To make this exercise more challenging, when you bring your legs up, try lifting your hips at the same time.

Frog Crunches 2

If you want to make this workout more of a challenge, set up a timer and try to beat 13 minutes.

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The Healthy Mermaid x


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