I Had Another Weird Yoga Experience

I hadn’t been to yoga in about a month, so I thought I better set my alarm early and get my butt to my usual Tuesday morning class. When I got to the gym, I found out that a new yoga class had replaced my regular one. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, and was keen to bust out my inner Yogi (a girl can dream).

My usual class is generally very small, I don’t think I’ve seen more than 7 people in it. This class wasn’t small, it was full. Very, very full! I was immediately intimidated. The only yoga classes I’ve ever taken have been here in Indonesia, so I really have nothing to compare them to, aside from the gorgeous yoga girls I secretly stalk on Instagram. What I’m about to tell you could very well be a normal occurrence in a yoga class. Like I said, my yoga knowledge is pretty much zilch!

Now it’s important to understand that obviously being in Indonesia, the class isn’t taught in English. I generally have no idea what the instructor is saying throughout the class, so I just watch and copy what everyone else is doing. The first exercise commenced, I watched and followed as she raised one arm up very slowly. I then watched as the instructor, along with everyone else, placed their thumb on one of their nostrils. The next thing I knew the ENTIRE class started exhaling air out of their free nostril, quickly and repeatedly. This went on for a good solid 10 Minutes, as we kept switching arms and nostrils, exhaling loudly. Still sitting, we then raised our legs and arms straight out in front of ourselves, balancing just on our bums, as the entire class started breathing heavily again. The ‘hee hoo, hee hoo’ went on for what felt like an eternity, it was so loud, that for a minute I thought I was in a Lamaze Class. If I didn’t feel so uncomfortable, I probably would have started laughing.

Now, I’m not judging because this could very well be totally normal, and a common yoga practice. But for me, it was weird and I had no idea what was going on. Thankfully the heavy breathing eventually subsided, and we made our way into yoga poses I was actually aware of.

As weird as the first part of the class was for me, it ended up being a really intense workout that went for about an hour and a half. I pushed my body to limits that I didn’t think was even possible, and my muscles are still aching as I type this. Each and every yoga class I go to, I am still so impressed by what my instructor and fellow classmates are able to do with their bodies. For anyone who thinks yoga ‘isn’t a real workout’, I urge you to take a class, I promise you it will totally kick your arse!

Even though I started the class feeling intimidated and uncomfortable, I’m really glad that my usual class has changed. Sometimes we need to be pushed out of our comfort zones so we can prove to ourselves that we are capable of more.

Also, if there are any yogis out there, please tell me if what I experienced was normal or not. It would be much appreciated. And if it’s not normal, at least I know what I’ve gotten myself into for next week.

The Healthy Mermaid x

6 thoughts on “I Had Another Weird Yoga Experience

  1. I did lots of single nostril breathing in my yoga class this week too Jess, I quite enjoy it. So glad that I’ve started yoga again, it really does make you feel wonderful.

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  2. Thanks for sharing that, it made me chuckle! So your english and living abroad, is that right? I’ve never done a yoga class in another language before so can’t relate entirely, but do know what it feels like to walk in to a very busy class and feel intimidated. I usually do yoga at home and follow along to youtube videos which is what I benefit from most as I can really centre in and focus and be present, away from distraction. I love yoga, it’s as much of a psychological as a physical practice for me and it’s nice to hear how much you benefited from it.

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